SADHANA workbooks

GitaVidya Translation workbooks (purchase online)

GitaVidya workbooks are available for online purchase in India, Europe and America from different vendors. You can purchase the book online and get home delivery. Please choose the vendor based on your country of residence.

GitaVidya Transliteration textbooks (free download)

The GitaVidya transliteration textbooks present the Sanskrit verses (shlokas) of Bhagavad-Gita using the alphabets of other languages. One can read the Sanskrit verses (shlokas) using different language scripts. This helps to practice the recitation of the Sanskrit verses (shlokas) even when one does not know Sanskrit language. The other descriptive content of the textbook is in English language. Gita Vidya transliteration textbooks are available for free download in multiple languages. You can click and download the PDF for free.